Institute of Rheumatology, Prague

Principal Investigator: Jiri Vencovsky

Main tasks in the project and previous experience relevant to those tasks

Leading the objective 1 in WP 11, which means a development of a structured inventory and the means to search, access and share clinical data and biologic material from existing and emerging RA-like cohorts including systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), myositis, spondyloarthritis (SpA), and systemic sclerosis (SSc), among the involved stakeholders (academia, industry, others) by the use of methodology developed in WP5.

Performance of the immunochip study in myositis

Participation in the WP, which will deal with a description and development of the procedures for tissue biopsies.

Participation in the WP which will aim at creation of a structured inventory of, and means to search, existing clinical RA cohorts and registries, including their data content and quality; “the European RA Venn diagram”. We will also participate on collection of new data items (serology, clinical parameters, co-morbidity, outcomes) in our RA cohort and on expansion of the data collection in to other disease cohorts.

Our previous experience includes leadership in the WP6 of the AUTOCURE integrated project of FP6, which dealt with establishment of web-based database for idiopathic inflammatory myopathies in Europe, called “Euromyositis”. We have also recently participated in the world wide held study on genome wide association study (GWAS) in patients with polymyositis and dermatomyositis, as well as an European study of serological identification of autoantibodies in these patients. From the registry point of view, we have established registry of patients on the biological treatment in 2001 and follow efficacy and safety data of these patients on a nationwide level.

Short profile of the staff who will carry out the work:

Jiří Vencovský, MD, DSc, Professor of Medicine, Charles University, Prague.
Ladislav Šenolt, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine.
Peter Novota, Dr, Ph.D.  working in the field of immunogenetics
Jakub Závada, MD. Physician, Clinical Instructor
Olga Krystufkova, MD. Board certified in internal medicine, medical immunology, rheumatology.
Lenka Pleštilová, MD from June 2010, from October 2010 she will be PhD student at Institute of Rheumatology, Prague.