Be The Cure’ (BTCURE), is an IMI* funded research project which aims to develop new therapies against rheumatoid arthritis. With a total budget of EUR 35 million and 37 partners from all over Europe, it is hoped that by combining academic and industrial resources, basic understanding of disease processes and therapeutic development will be enhanced.

Functional Genomics workshop in London


jane and fiona  audience

10-12th February 2016, Kings College London arranged and hosted, by BTCure PI Andrew Cope,  a very interesting and successful workshop on functional genomics (the full program can be downloaded here)

The aims of the workshop were
• To highlight new advances in understanding the functional impact of genetic variation in immune mediated inflammatory and related diseases.
• To provide delegates with an experimental framework for investigating the functional basis of genetic variation.
• To provide opportunities for investigators and their collaborators to network in this field of research.


Annual meeting in Prague

The first annual BTCure scientific meeting hosted over 120 participants, including representatives from academia, industry, IMI, the external Ethics board, the European patient organisation (PARE) and EULAR.  Presentations that were given are now available in the password protected internal platform which can be found under the “members” heading. Please click here for a short report from the meeting.

Patient research partners

In BTCure we have several patient research partners involved. This is in many ways very fruitful for both the project per se, the indiviual researchers as well as for the patient research partners. Follow the discussion between Heidi Wähämaa, researcher at Karolinska and Eva Johansson, patient research partner, in this nice story (click here for the full report).