Uppsala University

Principal Investigator: Professor Mats G Hansson

Main tasks in the project and previous experience relevant to those tasks: 

Professor Mats G Hansson, Uppsala University), shall carry out the tasks and objectives as defined in the Grant Agreement, Annex I which consist of the following: For some of the tasks and deliverables in WP5 – Ethics and Dissemination – the group of Mats Hansson has a vital role in performing all work related to the ethics part of the work package. This includes:  Assessment of international guidelines governing patient data, biobank research; Creation of a structured inventory/meta-database of existing clinical RA cohorts, registries, and biobanks regarding ethical aspects; Identification of emerging concordances in the scholarly literature on ethical, legal and social aspects of biobank based research; Scholarly analyses of still contested ethical, legal and social issues; Awareness building.

Mats G. Hansson, is Professor of Biomedical Ethics and Director of The Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics at Uppsala University. He has led several multi-disciplinary projects in bioethics and published extensively in this area. In his work for BT Cure he is able to draw on an impressive network of international collaborators. Professor Hansson is an Elected Fellow of the Hastings Center, New York and an Elected Fellow of the Lichtenberg Kolleg in Göttingen and has on-going collaborations with bioethics groups in Groningen, Newcastle, Singapore, Buenos Aires, New York and Michigan. In addition, his unique contribution to the BT Cure work builds on extensive participation and work within other biobank and registry-related European networks, such as BBMRI, CCPR, AutoCure, TissEU, and HIDE.