University of Manchester

Principle Investigators:  A. Barton, D. Symmons, K. Hyrich and J. Worthington

 Main tasks in the project and previous experience relevant to those tasks:

WP4 : Anne Barton (AB) will be WP leader and will be responsible for overseeing the activities of that work package with specific responsibility for all DNA related activities. Jane Worthington (JW) will assist with these responsibilities.

WP5: Anne Barton, Kimme Hyrich and Deborah Symmons will all make significant contributions to this work package based on the wealth of experience they have in researching response to biologic therapies in patients with RA and related diseases. KH and DS established and now maintain the largest registry in the world (BSRBR) of patients treated with anti-TNF and related biologic therapies.

WP6: AB and JW will contribute to Objective 5 within this WP. A number of established projects at The University of Manchester have similar aims and use similar technological approaches to those planned in this WP, as such JW and AB will provide intellectual contribution to this WP in addition to identifying opportunities where data sharing might enhance the outcomes from this WP.

WP7: JW and AB will specifically contribute to objectives 4 and 5 in this WP. The University of Manchester group has expertise in bio-informatic analysis both within The Epidemiology Research group (Paul Martin) but also within the School of Computer Sciences (Professor Andy Brass). PM has already developed tools to facilitate mining of publically available data and these activities will be extended and enhanced through involvement in this WP.

WP10: AB, KH, DS, JW all have considerable experience and interest in the ethical issues pertaining to collecting and sharing of data from patients with rheumatological diseases. There are also bioethicists in Manchester with interests in this area (eg Prof John Harris). Experiences gained through the establishment of a Patient Advisory Group (AB, KH, DS, JW) and initiatives in Manchester to recruit a citizen scientist cohort (JW) would form the basis of our contribution to this WP.

WP11: A number of researchers at The University of Manchester have established cohorts of patients with the diseases in this WP and all have an interest in the genetic basis to these diseases including; SLE (Ian Bruce), SSc (Ariane Herrick) and myositis (Bob Cooper and Hector Chinoy). JW and AB will actively contribute to the objectives based on the exploitation of Immunochip within this WP. The University of Manchester will generate approximately 50% of the data for RA in the current Immunochip experiment will have a leading role in analysis of Immunochip data gathered by the International Consortium for RA Genetic Studies.

Short Profiles of Staff:

Jane Worthington: Professor of Chronic Disease Genetics, Research Group Leader Musculoskeletal Sciences, School of Translational Medicine.Genetics of RA and related conditions. Experience of establishing and maintaining repositories of material and clinical information from patients with RA.

Anne Barton: Reader and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist. Genetics of susceptibility and outcome of inflammatory polyarthritis and psoriatic arthritis. Pharmacogenetics (BRAGGSS). Experience of establishing and maintaining repositories of material and clinical information from patients with RA.

Deborah Symmons : Professor of Rheumatology & Musculoskeletal Epidemiology, Medical Director Arthritis Research UK Epidemiology Unit. Epidemiology of inflammatory polyarthitis (IP). Established the Norfolk Arthritis Register providing 20 years of longitudinal data from patients with IP, Treatment response including drug safety for inflammatory arthritis, focus on biologic therapies (BSRBR).

Kimme Hyrich: Reader and Honorary Consultant Rheumatologist.Pharmaco-epidemiology and drug safety of biologic therapies for RA. Epidemiology of Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis (Childhood Arthritis Prospective Study – CAPS)

Ian Bruce: Professor and Consultant Rheumatologist, head of Kellgren Centre for Rheumatology, Manchester. Aetiology of SLE with focus on vasculitis. Cardiovascular co-morbidities in rheumatological diseases. Early phase clinical trials for SLE.

Ariane Herrick: Reader and Consultant Rheumaologist. Systemic sclerosis and Raynauds Phenomenon. Vascular studies and genetic susceptibility to SSc

Hector Chinoy: Senior lecturer and consultant Rheumatologist.Genetic epidemiology of myositis
Bob Cooper: Honorary Reader and Consultant Rheumatologist. Genetic epidemiology of myositis