University of Glasgow

Principal Investigator: Iain McInnes

Main tasks in the project and previous experience relevant to those tasks:

Situated in the Glasgow Biomedical Research Centre, we bring expertise in the assessment and exploration of synovial immunobiology. State-of-the-art cellular and molecular immunology technology is available together with globally competitive in vivo imaging capabilities including multi-photon systems established for real time immunology and pathology assessment. Laboratory models and facilities are integrated to an extensive translational medicine programme including synovial and skin biopsy, first in man and POC phase I and IIa experimental clinical trial capabilities.

Expertise: T and B cell imediated immune regulation, cytokine / chemokine biology, immune cell signaling, together with molecular and cellular imaging capabilities.

Existing collaborations within the consortium: Within the FP7 integrated project Masterswitch collaborations exist with Karolinska (Klareskog and Holmdahl), Athens (Kollias), London (Cope & Vyse), Erlangen (Schett and Nimmerjahn), Amsterdam (Tak), Zurich (Gay), Vienna (Smolen/Steiner) and Berlin(Radbruch/Burmester).

Short profile of the staff who will carry out the work:

Leading scientists: Iain McInnes (Rheumatology)
Paul Garside (Immunology)
Jim Brewer (Immunology)
Gerry Graham (Immunology).

Other key individuals:
Duncan Porter (rheumatology)
Alirio Melendez-Romero (signaling biochemist).