University hospital Montpellier CHRU

Principal Investigator: Christian Jorgensen

University hospital Montpellier CHRU , Institut National recherche medicale Inserm

Organisation description

The Immuno-Rheumatology/therapeutic department consists of 18 people that have been working since 10 years in developing alternative strategies for anti-inflammatory immunotherapy in arthritis and cartilage/bone repair using mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) engineering. Basic research is headed by Prof. Christian Jorgensen as director of an Inserm unit, as well as clinical trials in immunotherapy in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA). The objectives of our INSERM unit are the design of innovative anti-inflammatory therapies in arthritis and the prevention of inflammation-mediated bone loss through engineered MSC. Our expertise comprises the use of mouse models of arthritis in DBA1 mice as well as in humanized SCID models to evaluate anti-cytokine gene transfer and cell-based therapies in vivo.

C. Jorgensen is heading the clinical unit of Immuno-rheumatology at the University hospital of Montpellier, and is INSERM director of U844 in Montpellier. He is member of the EULAR, and vice president of the “Société Francophone pour la thérapie génique et cellulaire” (SFTCG), the French Society of Rheumatology, the American Society fro Rheumatology (ACR). He was the Scientific coordinator of EU IP GENOSTEM since 2002 in the FP6 and of ADIPOA FP 7 program.

Main tasks attributed in the project

The Immuno-Rheumatology/therapeutic department will include and perform biobanking both in RA and in psoriasic arthritis and the INSERM U844 Unit lab will isolate T cells by cellular labeling and will generate oligonucleotide arrays to characterize Treg interactions and identify miR involved in T reg biology. The lab will also develop in vivo models of arthritis.

Short profile of the staff who will carry out the work:

Christian Jorgensen, MD, PhD, M Clinicians, Immunology, chondrocyte, stem cells, clinical trial ADIPOA Scientific coordinator
YM Pers, MD M Rheumatologist Rheumatologist, biobank
Florence Apparailly, PhD, CR1 INSERM F In vivo models, arthritis models Arthritis models
Pascale Plence, PhD, CR1 INSERM F In vivo models, arthritis models Arthritis models
Isabelle Richard, engineer INSERM F Molecular biology of Tcells microRNA, molecular biology
Fabre Sylvie, MD M Clinical activity Rheumatologist, biobank
Postdoc to be hired microRNA, lipoplex Cell biology
Clinical monitoring Clinical research monitoring Biobank