TcLand Expression, Nantes, France

Leading scientists
Joanna Ashton-Chess (Director of R&D Programs)
Oana Popa-Nita (Project Manager for Auto-Immune Diseases)
Alessandra Cervino (Biostatistics and Bioinformatics Vice President)
Marina Guillet (Chief Scientific Officer)
Mathurin Flammant (Gastroenterology Consultant).

Other key individuals: Patrick Larcier (Clinical and Regulatory Affairs Vice President), Florence Lazard (Director of Industrial Property), Pierre-Etienne Sado (Grants Manager), Christophe Braud (Technical Project Manager).

Role in consortium: The project would be mainly managed by the Research and Development Department and would consist of three major themes.

1. TcLand could provide access to its semi-automated transcriptomics facilities. TcLand‟s laboratory is the only European laboratory to be accredited for RT-qPCR (ISO17025 and ISO13485). Our state of the art high quality laboratory, which includes a LIMS, is well suited to handle a throughput of hundreds of samples from reception of raw material to TaqMan® assay results. The laboratory has expertise of handling tissue samples; whole blood (Paxgene) as well as PBMCs. TcLand Expression also possesses important expertise concerning sample management and management of microarray experiments.

2. TcLand Expression will also provide full expertise with Bioinformatics and Biostatistics for the analysis of transcriptomics data. This includes three areas of expertise:

a. Design of experiment prior to initiating any analysis and to ensure optimal use of existing data and that adequate power is achieved.

b. Analysis of qPCR data which includes expertise in selection of housekeeping genes, expertise in probe design and statistical data analysis

c. Analysis of microarray data which includes quality control, normalization and identification of differentially expressed genes as well as downstream analysis of gene enrichment and pathways. TcLand Expression‟s internal analysis platform is based on powerful microarray analysis software (Genedata Expressionist® and Genedata Phylosopher®) which is enriched with internal data and public data (TcLandAtlas). Currently, TcLandAtlas holds over 700 microarray data in Immunology and Transplantation thus representing a unique database.

3. Finally, the expertise that Tcland Expression possesses in the field of Clinical and Regulatory Affairs as well as concerning Industrial Property issues will be taken advantage of during the management of this entire project, enabling valorization of results and possibility of bringing research findings from bench to bedside.

Expertise: RA and RA-like diseases, IBD, Crohn, UC, Auto-antibodies, SLE, signal transduction, drug development, Immune regulation, expertise in phase I-II IBD & RA studies as well as large biobanking initiatives in both RA, AS & IBD. Early phase and response to treatment predictive molecular markers.

Existing collaborations within the consortium: Allez, INSERM U940, Hôpital Saint-Louis, Paris France; Baeten, the Academic Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands