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Principal Investigator: Malin Hultqvist, PhD CSO

Redoxis is a Swedish CRO company that specialises in animal models for preclinical drug validation. Our main disease models are those of autoimmunity and chronic inflammation, such as Rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS). We provide both standard and novel cutting edge models of autoimmunity in rats and mice. We have great experience from performing studies for clients, which have lead to long-lasting relationships due to Redoxis leading expertise and high standard of performing studies.

Main tasks within BTCure: (1) Standardization of arthritis In Vivo models. (2) Development of novel disease models (3) SOP validation

Primary area of expertise
Redoxis provides services in the area of preclinical drug development, animal models of autoimmune conditions, immunology and genetics. With our cutting edge model development, long experience and hands-on expertise in animal models of autoimmunity, we can confidently say that we are one of the frontier providers of preclinical autoimmune models in northern Europe.

For Arthritis models we are besides models like CIA, GPI induced arthritis and CAIA models, very much focused on evaluation of the more frequently used and recognized PIA model in rat. The Pristane Induced Arthritis (PIA) represents a more T cell specific and reproducible model with high resemblance to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Redoxis also focus on development and validation of Ex Vivo systems for early drug validation, immunological mechanism analyses and In Vivo efficacy prediction.

For more information and description of the models we provide please visit our homepage (

Short profile of the main staff involved:

Malin Hultqvist (PhD) – CSO and Director CRO –
Dr. Malin Hultqvist holds a PhD in medical inflammation research from Lund University with a main expertise in immunology and animal models of autoimmunity. Malin has been involved in Redoxis since the start of the company and is one of the inventors behind two of the most advanced projects within the company.

Peter Olofsson (PhD & MBA) – CEO –
Dr. Peter Olofsson is co-founder of Redoxis and has been the CEO of Redoxis AB since 2007. Dr. Olofsson holds a PhD from Lund University and an executive MBA from the Gothenburg School of Economics and Law. The main scientific experience provided by Peter to Redoxis is long experience of preclinical models of autoimmunity, drug discovery and development.

Nina Woodworth (M.Sc.) – Project Leader CRO
Nina is project leader of Redoxis’ CRO projects. Nina Woodworth holds a Masters of Science from Uppsala University, with a focus in Molecular Biology. Nina has many years of experience regarding in vivo work, with main specialty in the field of hypoxia-ischemia and neuroscience research. Nina has previously held positions as research assistant at the University of Oregon and at Oregon Health and Science University in Oregon, USA.

Therese Lindvall (PhD) – Project leader Internal R&D
Therese holds a PhD in Medical Sciences from Lund University. Therese has a long experience in discovery research, animal models for autoimmune diseases and preclinical drug development.

Fredrik Wallner (PhD) – Medicinal chemistry
Dr. Fredrik Wallner has been responsible for the medicinal chemistry development in Redoxis AB since 2008. He received a Ph.D. in organic chemistry from Umeå University in 2005 and has done post-doctoral research at the Burnham Institute for Medical Research in La Jolla, California and at Gothenburg University. Fredrik’s main scientific expertise is medicinal and computational chemistry, data handling and informatics.