Principal Investigator:
Mary Collins, PhD. Chief Scientific Officer, Inflammation and Immunology Research Unit, Pfizer,

Description: Pfizer is the world’s largest research based pharmaceutical company. Pfizer markets Enbrel, a TNF inhibitor for multiple inflammatory indications, and has a promising Jak inhibitor, tasocitinib, in phase 3 clinical studies. Pfizer has a strong research interest in inflammation and immunology. Interests of centre leader: Our team is interested in the discovery and development of new small molecules and biologics to enable disease remission for patients with autoimmune and inflammatory disease. Our expertise and interests include animal models of immune mediated disease, cellular immunology, and translational immunology, including biomarkers for patient selection and patient response.Role in consortium: Link mechanistic pathways with human autoimmune disease pathology, by understanding the biology of the pathway and by linking mechanisms uncovered in animal models with mechanisms implicated in human disease.

Expertise: Animal models of disease, discovery and development of new small molecule and biologic therapeutic candidates, linkage of therapeutic intervention to human biomarker response.