University of Leeds

Principal investigator
Paul Emery, Frederique Ponchel

The main task performed by P18 will be: (a) coordination of the biomaterial collection inventory, SOP and guidelines design and test – WP4, (b) databases integration – WP5 (c) SOP and guideline for flowcytometry use in clinical routine practice-WP6, (d) improving clinical trial recruitment –WP9 (e) biobanking WP11 and validation of biomarker in Scleroderma WP8.

Prof Emery’s major research interests are the understanding of RA process and therapeutic response.
Dr Ponchel has a basic science research interest centered around the cellular and molecular events that trigger the development of immune mediated inflammatory diseases.
Dr Del Galdo’s main research interests are the understanding of the molecular events in the pathogenesis in Scleroderma and the identification of markers of disease activity
Mr Connolly-Thompson has a background in the management and development of information systems in support of clinical care and medical research.