Medical University Vienna


Principal Investigator:
Josef Smolen, Guenter Steiner

Main tasks in the project and previous experience relevant to those tasks:

The Division of Rheumatology at MUW will contribute through its long-standing expertise in clinical and translational arthritis research and its great experience in autoimmune research both in RA patients and in experimental models of arthritis. The clinical research focus is on early arthritis, development of instruments for prediction of disease and disease outcome and assessment of therapeutic responsiveness. The basic and translational research focuses on the development of autoimmunity prior to disease onset both in man and experimental models, particularly pristane-induced arthritis. Another issue of great importance is development of novel therapies based on data obtained in recent years in RA patients and pristane-induced arthritis. The group has established an early arthritis biobank and a clinical database. Further, it has coordinated international, investigator driven clinical trials, such as Stop Arthritis Very Early (SAVE) and Definitive Intervention in New Onset Rheumatoid Arthritis (DINORA) with clinical, radiological data and blood samples available.

Short profile of the staff who will carry out the work:

Rheumatologists involved in the clinical studies:
Klaus Machold, MD, associate professor
Daniel Aletaha, MD, associate professor
Esther Jimenez-Boj, MD and Helga Radner, MD, are ;

Tanja Stamm, PhD, associate professor, health professional with great expertise in the field of outcome measurements
Clemens Scheinecker, MD, associate professor, highly experienced in T cell research both in man and animal models of autoimmune disease
Kurt Redlich, MD, associate professor, and Sylvia Hayer, PhD, are investigating inflammatory pathways and mechanisms of joint destruction in murine arthritis models