King’s College London, UK


Principal Investigator: Andrew Cope (Rheumatology),

Leading scientists: Leonie Taams (Immunology)
Val Corrigall (Rheumatology)
Claudia Kemper (Immunology

Other key individuals: Gaelle Le Friec (Immunology), Joanna Clark (Rheumatology), Hayley Evans (Immunology), Nicola Gullick (Immunology), Janet Giles (project administration & finance).

Role in consortium: KCL will lead on aspects of work package 6 (WP6) relating to T cell biology. The rheumatologists and immunologists will contribute through clinical experience in RA and other inflammatory rheumatic diseases, together with expertise in T cell activation and differentiation with particular respect to Th1, Th17 effector T cells and Tr1 and T regulatory cell subsets. The clinical department accommodates a large Arthritis Centre Clinic, as well as Early Arthritis and Remission clinics, with a cohort of 600-700 well characterized patients with RA. There is extensive use of biological therapies.

Expertise: RA and other inflammatory arthritides; T cell activation and differentiation, immune regulation, signal transduction. The Academic Department of Rheumatology also hosts the first UK registered clinical trials unit dedicated to musculoskeletal disease.

Existing collaborations within the consortium: Within the FP7 integrated project Masterswitch and the FP6 integrated project AutoCure close collaborations exist with Karolinska (Klareskog, Holmdahl), LUMC (Huizinga, Toes), Amsterdam (Tak), Zurich (Gay), Berlin (Radbruch, Burmester, Skriner) and Vienna (Smolen, Steiner). Within the UK, KCL Faculty has close collaborations with Imperial College (Prof Vyse), Manchester (Worthington, Thomson) and Glasgow (McInnes).