Karolinska Institutet





Principal Investigator:
Lars Klareskog, professor, chairman of rheumatology (coordinator),
Rikard Holmdahl, professor of Medical inflammation research

Main tasks in the project and previous experience relevant to those tasks:

Karolinska has several critical tasks in BTCure: (1) To have a major responsibility for the evaluation and development of animal models for arthriitis (wp1). This work will be carried out under the leadership of Rikard Holmdahl, who has a long experience of development and utlisation of animal models for arthritis and of genetic and functional studies in these models; (2) To have a major role in the establishment of a European system for biobanking and a European system for sharing of longitudinal clinical data. WE will use our Swedish rheumatology registers which presently contains longitudinal data (captured by a web-based user-friendly system) of approx 35.000 RA patients. We will use Swedish national health care registers to define co-morbidities in these patients with and without treatment with various therapies, and thereby utilise a comprehensive system for evaluation of effectiveness and safety of new drugs . These clinical registers will be linekd to extensive biobanks, which presently contain blood samples from approx 7000 patients with RA and 4000 controls, 500 synovial biopise, 500 synoial fluids. These biobanks will be further extended with biospecimens from patients where clinical data are already in the registers, and with pre-RA biological specimens. Ass prof Johan Askling and prof Lars Alfredsson will have the main responsibility for KI:s participation in wp4 and wp5. (3) to contribute actively in the development and use of technologies to address questions related to the molecular pathogenesis of different froms of RA and of effects and mode of action of different biological therapies (wp7,8, and 9). Prof:s Lars Klareskog and Ronald van Vollenhoven will have the main responsibility for this work. (4) To be leaders in the ield of bioethics and patient participation (together with Stefen Gay). The bioethical work will be led by professor Mats O Hansson (prof in bioethics). (5) The dissemination work in myositis will be led by prof Ingrid E Lundberg, who is a leading expert in the field of myopathies. We will utilise our clinic including the clinical trials unit (led by prof van Vollenhoven) the epeidemiology units (led by profs Alfredsson and Askling), the large immunology/genetics laboratory at the Center for Molecular Medicine (ass prof Vivianne Malmström, ass prof Leonid Padyukov, ass prof Henelan Harris)

Short profile of the staff who will carry out the work

Lars Klareskog, prof, rheumatology/immunology (M)
Rikard Holmdahl, prof, animal models (M)
Ronald van Vollenhoven, prof, therapies in humans (M)
Ingrid Lundberg, prof, myositis (F)
Lars Alfredsson, prof epidemiology, biostatistics, environment (M)
Staffan Lindblad, assoc prof, registries, databases, clinical rheumatology (M)
Johan Askling, assoc prof, rheumatological epidemiology (M)
Vivianne Malmström, assoc prof, cellular immunology, mainly adaptive immunity (F)
Helena Harris, assoc prof, cellular immunology, mainly innate immunity (F)
Leonid Padyukov, assoc prof, genetics (M)
Anca Catrina, assoc prof, translational research in rheumatology (F)
Jon Lampa, assoc prof, interactions neural system- inflammation, rheumatology (M)