Institut National de la Santé et de la Recherche M, INSERM, Paris

Principal investigators:
Matthieu Allez (Gastroenterology)
Antoine Toubert (Immunology)
Marc Lémann (Gastroenterology).

Other key individuals: Matthieu Camus (Immunology), Benjamin Pariente (Gastroenterology), Iulia Mocan (Immunology).

Role in consortium: This group will contribute through its clinical expertise in IBD, and fundamental knowledge and expertise in regulation of mucosal immune responses. The INSERM unit focuses on the role of antigen-specific T cell responses, lymphocyte activation pathways, identification of pathogenic and regulatory subsets, and mechanisms of action of biologics. The Dept Gastroenterology has expertise in clinical trials, coordinates a national biobank (post-operative model).

Expertise: IBD (Crohn‟s disease, ulcerative colitis), Mucosal immune regulation, T cell repertoire monitoring, analysis of antigen specific responses, randomized clinical trials, assessment of clinical and morphological responses to biologics (through endoscopic scores), biobanking initiative, unique access to mucosal tissue (from surgical specimen or endoscopic biopsies).

Existing collaborations within the consortium: Collaborations exist with IBD-focused groups: Milan (Danese), Leiden (Hommes), Erlangen (Becker and Neurath) and on TCR repertoire analysis (high throughput sequencing) with Amsterdam (De Vries).