Arthrogen b.v.


Principal Investigator: Margriet Vervoordeldonk, PhD 

Arthrogen b.v. is a biotechnology company focused on development of innovative gene therapy approaches for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and other immune mediated diseases using adeno-associated virus (AAV) as vector. One lead compound is currently in pre-clinical development and the phase I clinical trial is planned in 2013. Moreover, in the past years Arthrogen expanded its activities towards personalized medicine, including biomarker studies. 

Arthrogen contributes to the validation of new standardized protocols for animal models that are already used frequently in the lab (like CIA in mice) and contribute to the generation of new SOPs for immunization and readouts in these models. Arthrogen also contributes to new technologies for therapy, like the use of AAV5 for the expression of therapeutic genes. 

Together with other partners in the consortium Arthrogen can validate new therapeutic targets using its AAV5 technology. As part of Arthrogen’s diagnostic program, Arthrogen will contribute to the identification of new (sets) of (tissue- and blood-based) biomarkers in response to therapy and validation of these biomarkers.