miRNA workshop


October 22-23 2012 an miRNA workshop was held in Montpellier, France, to further elucidate the role of microRNAs in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and other chronic inflammatory disease. BTCure WP1C and Adipoa commonly organized this workshop in order to update each other, align activities in this area and to identify potential collaborations and for comparison and future validation of achieved results.

Please click here for the full report from the workshop.


Annual meeting in Prague

The first annual BTCure scientific meeting hosted over 120 participants, including representatives from academia, industry, IMI, the external Ethics board, the European patient organisation (PARE) and EULAR.  Presentations that were given are now available in the password protected internal platform which can be found under the “members” heading. Please click here for a short report from the meeting.

BTCure 1st annual meeting

The BeTheCure project has now been up and running a little more than a year and the first annual meeting will be held September 9-11, 2012 in Prague. The program includes administrative, financial, legal and practical aspects of the project, but of course the major part of the program will be about the research activities and scientific progress. Collaborations, results, challenges and possibilities will be discussed and presented. Specific areas and topics will have some extra focus and numerous informal discussions will be held during the breaks and meals.

We are now a little more than 100 participants registered, including representatives from academia, industry IMI, EULAR, PARE and the Ethics Board. If you are a member of the consortium and did not yet register but want to participate, please contact Susanne Karlfeldt as soon as possible for information about slot availability.




BTCure was very well represented at the EULAR congress in Berlin and many of the consortium members paid the BTCure exhibition stand a visit. If you want to have information material on the project sent to you, please contact info@btcure.eu.


BTCure was also very nicely acknowledged in several posters and by many of the speakers. A good example is the final slide of Paul Garsides’, in a session co-chaired by another BTCure member; Steffen Gay.

A summary of the presentations that we could identify as being BTCure presenters can be can be down-loaded here.

miRNA workshop

October 12-13 there will be an miRNA workshop organised by Christian Jorgensen,
BTCure`s WP1C team and miR experts within the consortium. The workshop will be
held in Montpellier at HOTEL MERCURE MONTPELLIER ANTIGONE. For a preliminary agenda, please click here. Note that some sessions may be subject for change.

If you are interested in participating or for further requests and information please
contact Christian Jorgensen and/or Michelle MOYA michellemoya@orange.fr from ARTIMA, who
are organizing the workshop at site.

Standardization workshop for animal models

On Mar 26, 2012 the first standardization workshop for animal models in Experimental Arthritis took place. The workshop was organized by the Karolinska Institutet (KI) and involved BTCure partners from academia and industry from all over Europe. Additionally, external speakers from the US, China and Germany were invited to consider a broad input and seek international recognition beyond the BTCure network and consortium. For the first time, key opinion leaders in the field of Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) were meeting to build a critical mass of experts to discuss the standardization of rodent RA models and related work, the advantages and disadvantages of various models, as well as the correlation of different models with actual human disease subtypes.

Please click to read the summary from the workshop.

EULAR 2012

The EULAR congress 2012 will be held in Berlin, June 6-9. Several of the BTCure members will be present so take the opportunity to meet in person for formal and/or informal meetings during the congress. We will also have an exhibition booth in the non-profit area, more details on location will be posted as soon as we have the information. Please visit the EULAR official website here http://www.eular.org/