IBD workshop

December 4-5, 2013 Paris.

A small and specific workshop on IBD sample management was organized in Saint-Louis Hospital, PARIS  IUH, Hayem Center, by the partners INSERM, ERLANGEN and FHR. The aim of this meeting was to focus only on IBD studies, underlying what was already done, what are the upcoming deliverables, and  how to optimize the collaboration between the three partners involved in IBD studies. The meeting was very productive, therefore it was proposed to  fix a small IBD workshop every year.

For the complete report, please visit the internal platform via the members login link. The report can be found under WP8/Documents.

BTCure newsletters

The BTCure newsletter is a newsletter primarily for the collaborators within the consortium, but also for external parties who want to be updated on the activities in the project. The newsletter will be distributed approximately on a quarterly basis, any suggestions for content are welcome, please send to info@btcure.eu.



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Post Doc Position available, Zurich

PostDoc Position available

Center of Experimental Rheumatology
University Hospital of Zurich

Project: MicroRNA regulation of innate immune signaling in synovial cells of patients with rheumatoid arthritis.

Funding: PostDoc salary according to Swiss regulations, funded for 2 years.

Environment: laboratory with international team. Collaborations with other laboratories of the University hospital established. Regular team meetings, journal clubs etc.

Applicants should have a PhD in molecular biology or immunology and have experience with cell and molecular biologic techniques in the field of inflammation research or immunology. Experience with microRNA is an asset.

The position is available from September 1, 2013

If you are interested please contact for more information:

Diego Kyburz, MD
Department of Rheumatology, University Hospital Zurich
Gloriastrasse 25, 8091 Zürich

Research Associate position available at University of Glasgow

There is now a position available at the University of Glasgow. The job pupose is to conduct, manage and publish research in line with the objectives defined in this EU Innovative Medicines Initiative funded project (BTCure) and with the overall objectives of the Garside / Brewer / Maffia group. The project aims to apply innovative imaging approaches to understand the cellular interactions involved in the initiation and pathogenesis of rheumatoid arthritis.

Last day to apply is September 8, 2013.

For the full description and more information, please follow the link: Full add

Animal Workshop Athens June 2013

Between the 5th and 7th of June, the 2nd BTCure workshop on Animal Models took place in Athens, Greece. The second workshop, organized by BTCure partner Fleming with financial support of UCB, could attract nearly 60 participants of highly motivated researchers and experts in this field, including numerous academic partners and EFPIA colleagues from UCB, GSK and Novo Nordisk.

For the full report, please click here

Postdoc position available at King’s College London

We seek to recruit a Postdoctoral Research Associate to coordinate and develop research activities in immunobiology within the field of chronic inflammatory autoimmune diseases (rheumatoid arthritis). The successful candidate will be expected to lead, under the supervision of Dr Leonie Taams and Professor Andrew Cope, a programme of research funded by NovoNordisk as part of the EU Innovative Medicines Initiative BTCURE, whose principal aim is to investigate aberrant pathways of adaptive immunity in chronic inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis (RA). A particular focus will be to understand the molecular mechanisms for defective immune regulation in RA.

The post will be based in the Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology of Inflammation (CMCBI), within the Division of Immunology, Infection & Inflammatory Disease (DIIID). CMCBI is located on the Guy’s Campus of King’s College London, in New Hunt’s House, in 1200 sq metres of laboratories which have recently been refurbished. The mission of CMCBI is to establish a world-leading research centre of excellence in inflammation biology. The Centre explores new avenues in the understanding, diagnosis and treatment of inflammation and its associated pathologies, developing and exploiting cutting edge models and tools, both experimental and computational.

The post holder will be expected to have independent research experience and a publication track record appropriate for the level of experience. Detailed knowledge of applied cellular and molecular immunology in the context of human chronic inflammatory disease and experience with gene expression data analysis would be a distinct advantage.

The post is a fixed term contract for 30 months.

The closing date for receipt of applications is 15 July 2013.

Equality of opportunity is College policy.

 Link to vacancy

EULAR 2013

As last year, BTCure was represented at the EULAR congress in Madrid, June 11-15. We had a very well visited exhibition booth in the so called EULAR village. Several of the BTCure colleagues gave very nice presentations in ways of oral presentations, chairing sessions and poster presentations.

For a summary and report from the congress, please follow this link.

PhD studentship available at Kings College London

A PhD studentship is available in the Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology of Inflammation, aimed at identifying the molecular basis for impaired regulation of effector T cells in inflammatory arthritis.

This 3-year PhD project will take place in the Centre for Molecular and Cellular Biology of Inflammation, Division of Immunology, Infection & Inflammatory Disease, King’s College London. The project will be supervised by Dr Valerie Corrigall and Dr Leonie Taams, and involve close collaboration with the Rheumatology Department at Guy’s & St Thomas’ Hospital. The project is funded by EU IMI funded consortium BTCure and will combine a wide range of cellular and molecular techniques including human T cell isolation, cell culture, 8-colour flow cytometry, ELISA, quantitative RT-PCR, Western blotting, gene expression profiling and microarray analysis. A stipend of £24,491 will be paid.

For more information on the position and how to apply, please see add here .

The closing date to apply for this position is 10 May 2013


Cellular partners of autoreactive T and B lymphocytes in synovial and lymphoid tissue

An inspiring BTCure workshop to highlight novel findings on adaptive immunity behind chronic inflammatory diseases, with a focus on rheumatoid arthritis was organized for and by partners of our consortium. The workshop entitled “Cellular partners of autoreactive T and B lymphocytes in synovial and lymphoid tissue” was visited by over 80 participants from 15 different BTCure partners, of which 11 academic institutes, and 6 industrial partners. The exciting program allowed the scientific presentation of 14 collaborative projects within BTCure. Novel techniques were demonstrated to image cellular interactions in joints in vivo, and to mimic the cellular composition of synovium by a 3D synovial micromass tissue culture system. For the first time, the genetic association of protective HLA alleles and the presence rheumatoid arthritis-specific ACPA auto-antibodies was explained at the molecular level. Altogether, these new insights provide unique opportunities for the whole consortium to improve the understanding of adaptive immunity in inflammatory pathologies. Furthermore, three top EU scientists from outside the BTCure consortium presented their research in a keynote lecture. During the last session of the workshop, the keynote speakers were invited to give feedback on the research directions currently taken within the BTCure consortium and to recommend future research projects. Last but not least, the social program of the workshop intensified ongoing collaborations and facilitated the initiation of new promising collaborations.

Functional genomics workshop

A workshop on Functional Genomics was held 6‐8th February 2013 at St Thomas’ Hospital, London

The aims of the workshop were:

  • To highlight new advances in understanding the functional impact of genetic variation in immune mediated inflammatory and rheumatic diseases.
  • To provide delegates with an experimental framework for investigating the function of allelic variants.
  • To provide a focus for harnessing the expertise of BTCURE partners and their collaborators in these field of research.

For the full program, please click here.