Biobanks and cohorts

WP 2 ‘Biobanks and cohorts’, will summarize existing and new inventories and databases of clinical cohorts, registries, and biobanks from academic and industrial partners and, at a later stage, include databases from all over Europe in an extensive meta-database. Thus, the main task of this work package is to create an inventory of existing databases and to establish a data-sharing platform for project partners. However, it is also planned to define standard procedures and guidelines for the collection, processing, storage and transport of biological and patient samples. Importantly, there will be a strong effort to synchronize the assessment of cohort data, disease status and study groups. Furthermore, support will be provided to include new databases and establish a pan-European pre-RA cohort aiming to offer early treatment options for patients with a high risk of developing RA symptoms.

Academic WP-leader: Johan Askling
EFPIA WP-leader; Hubert Schach