Animal Studies

‘Animal Studies’ addresses several lines of Research and Development on animal models. This work package generally aims to develop an infrastructure to standardize procedures to generate and interpret commonly used RA animal models, as well as to generate new types of RA animal models. Moreover, the established facilities and models are planned to be used to demonstrate novel therapeutic approaches like e.g. Gene Therapy approaches and to analyse disease characteristics (phenotypes) of RA in those models before and after treatment. WP1 also involves the identification of new disease biomarkers, imaging tools and most importantly the generation of databases to achieve and validate treatment responses and to compare data with relevant human databases.

Academic WP-leader: RIkard Holmdahl, George Kollias, Christian Jorgensen
EFPIA WP-leader: Neil Gossard, Adrian Moore

Summary from the first standardization workshop for animal models in Experimental Arthritis, click here 

Summary from the WP1C Novel Targets and Treatments miRNA workshop October 2012, click here