Tolerance workshop

Between May 22-25 we organised the first workshop on Tolerance/Tolerizing therapies. The meeting venue was hotel Sigtunahöjden outside Stockholm. During these three days, 120 participants from all over Europe, as well as from different sites in USA and Australia, contributed to very interesting discussions, presentations and a lot of fruitful interactions.

The main objectives of the workshop were:

  • to systematically investigate opportunities -) for intervention at various steps of autoimmune disease development and progression and -) re-establishing self tolerance by making use our most current understanding of self-tolerance mechanisms, immune regulation/deregulation and of factors contributing to the break of tolerance
  • to up-date on recent research results and clinical outcomes of immune therapies targeting autoimmunity and the break of tolerance
  • to learn from development and advances in this area from other related inflammatory disorders and from basic research and to discuss to which extend can we compare, make use of insights form other diseases for RA
  • to discuss how to transfer emerging knowledge on precise B and T cells specificity, in particular but not exclusively to citrullinated antigens, into more specific therapies
  • to learn from industry experience and leverage industry expertise
  • to establish new collaborations and alliances in this context, as with similar US initiatives (NIH, ITN)
  • to foster debates and discussions on future research focus, define potentials and opportunities for new innovative approaches of interest
  • in particular to initiate strategic discussion with industry partners on potential strategies for drug developments aimed at tolerance induction.