MiRNA Workshop in Zurich

For researchers interested in micro RNA research in Autoimmune Disease, a workshop took place in Zurich from April 8-10, 2014.  The workshop was organized by Prof. Steffen and Renate Gay form the University of Zurich, who are BTCure` s leading experts in epigenetic control mechanisms. The workshop was a co-initiative of SIICA, the Società Italiana Immunoliga, and DGfI, the German society for immunology and BTCure and was supported by industrial partners Pfizer, Novartis, and Roche. The workshop received a lot of interest with approximatly120 participants attending the meeting. The meeting was also attended by many BTCure members, among them in particular microRNA experts and speakers as Christian Jorgensen (WP1C leader), Florence Apparailly (Montpellier), George Kollias (WP1B leader, Athens), Stephan Blueml (Vienna), Dimitrios Boumpas (Crete), Caroline Ospelt (Zurich), Andreas Radbruch, Mir‐Farzin Mashrehi (DRFZ), and Panagiotis Verginis (Greece), Mariola Kurowska-Stolarska, Glasgow.

Please read more about the workshop in the extended report from Pia-Maria Blaas here.